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Awhile back on Instagram, Wendy made some comment to the effect of me being a fashionable person who takes pictures of themselves.  I got a little defensive, because yes, I take pictures of myself, but I hardly think of myself as fashionable.  I made me really think about why I take the pictures. I realized […]
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I am not a dude.

Me, this morning, still a little puffy eyed. There are a few things you get used to being a woman in a male dominated field.  You get used to the fact that sometimes you will hear things you really wish you couldn’t unhear.  You will accidentally find yourself a casualty in a fart war.  You […]
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I work out on Saturday Nights

Its late, its Saturday and I’m still winding down from going to the gym. So far, the scale isn’t cooperating with my working out.  I know there are a variety of reasons for this.  There is my body adjusting.  There is inflammation from pushing myself.  There is muscle being built there.  I just wish it […]
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Daring. Greatly.

I bought myself a red dress.  I have always loved Jenny’s Red Dress.  It has been inspirational.  I loved seeing WhyMommy wear it.  I loved seeing Kelly wear it. After the Katie Couric did her piece on the red dress Kelly posted about being able to get your own, I dared to buy my own.  […]
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