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Yeah, I know, two days.  They were a good two days however.  Friday M & I ran around and saw my doc, got the all clear for work tomorrow, at breakfast out, did some shopping, sandwiched a quilt for baby gift for a friend, and watched a movie.  Saturday my parents came to visit and […]
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Sticker Charts for Adults

I feel the need to confront my weight loss, or lack there of.  I said a bunch of shit, then I didn’t deliver.  This really only matters to me.  This isn’t anything I owe anyone else unless you count my family for the monthly deduction from my account for Weight Watchers and the Y. For […]
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Week 2 of my Ass Kicking Program

Today I started my second week of Couch to 5K.  I am running faster in the run intervals than I have before.  I am pushing myself, my body, my lungs, my resolve.  I am channeling my struggles with things I can’t write about here in to my running.  I am doing everything I can not […]
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Earning the Title (again)

When I came back from BlogHer in2010, I had a gift certificate to Lisa Leonard that I needed to use, and I used it to buy a necklace that said Runner on it.  I needed it.  Then I got pregnant, had a baby, etc.  I didn’t really wear it much after that.  I didn’t think […]
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