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Yeah, I know, two days.  They were a good two days however.  Friday M & I ran around and saw my doc, got the all clear for work tomorrow, at breakfast out, did some shopping, sandwiched a quilt for baby gift for a friend, and watched a movie.  Saturday my parents came to visit and […]
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Four Pounds. Each.

We were driving back from our little mini vacation in Wisconsin (note to self, never underestimate the value of a good bed and pillows) this weekend, listening to AM sports radio.  This is what we do in our family.  We take road trips in fall and listen to football on the way home.  I am […]
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The Watchers & The Jeans

I’m torn so much these days about my body.  I am torn between being frustrated with how I look, frustrated enough to make the kind of changes I made last time I lost weight, and knowing that acceptance of where my body is at now, not where it was a year ago, is key to […]
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One Hundred Fourteen

Last night, I joined Weight Watchers (online, I have zero time for meetings). The reality that if I can’t get out to exercise while I am home on leave, then my chances of getting out to do it when I am back at work has set in.  Also, I eat constantly, blaming the nursing, the […]
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