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Yeah, I know, two days.  They were a good two days however.  Friday M & I ran around and saw my doc, got the all clear for work tomorrow, at breakfast out, did some shopping, sandwiched a quilt for baby gift for a friend, and watched a movie.  Saturday my parents came to visit and […]
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Sticker Charts for Adults

I feel the need to confront my weight loss, or lack there of.  I said a bunch of shit, then I didn’t deliver.  This really only matters to me.  This isn’t anything I owe anyone else unless you count my family for the monthly deduction from my account for Weight Watchers and the Y. For […]
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Sweet Enemy

I nearly forgot about my three month follow up with my new endo.  I sort of wish I had.  My surgery, a whole two months ago, has been my excuse for bad eating for far too long.  It showed.  My numbers were not where they should have been after three months of hard work.  Because […]
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Too, Too, Hot

It is hot.  Too hot to have my computer on, too hot to do anything but sit and drink cold beverages, too hot to blog.  However, there is just so much going on in my head. A week from the time this publishes, I will have my tonsils out.  It is one thing to say […]
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