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Feed the Kids

The list of things that freak me out about M starting kindergarten next fall is a very very long one.  Most of it revolves around the scheduling nightmare with our jobs we are about to undertake.  The whole, is it really worth it to work if this is what it means thing. However, the things […]
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5 Goals & A Recipe

So far, midway through the week, my whole 5 goal thing is working pretty well.  I think about my evening during the day, wonder what I should do, and use my 5 as a reminder of what I committed to.  Not bad.  So far the biggest success is the meal planning.  So far two nights […]
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I suck at organization.  I absolutely rationalize blame this on my ability to keep track of things in my head really well. When you have a good memory for things it lulls you in to this false sense of organization. Especially when you use most of your awesome memory skills for the office.  Work definitely […]
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Lactose, we loved you well

Ever since M decided that the only princess for her was Cinderella, I’ve been calling her Stinkerella.  Little did I know that I was foreshadowing more than a little. You see, my delicate (hah!) little flower of a girl really started to stink.  We’ve never shied away from making it OK to burp or fart […]
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