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Cats & Cameras

I haven’t picked up a camera and really tried to use it as intended in… better than a decade.  My dad was/is a photographer and he taught me when I was still in junior high about f-stops and shutter speed and depth of field. I got good at it too, really good.  Develop my own […]
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Last year was a bust for the garden.  We had a varmint take up residence in our neighbors yard and it ate all 8 of my brussels sprouts.  I was also either largely pregnant or a sleep deprived mess. This year however, after a late start, I think I’ve found some of my mojo.  I’ve […]
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24 Week Drivel

Today I’m 24 weeks.  Viability week.  Yes, I know, as my Dr. reminded me last time, just because things CAN go right at 24 weeks doesn’t mean you want a damn thing to happen.  However, it does help me breath a little easier. I had good intentions of posting a lot more after the last […]
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My John

Dear Uncle John, You know you were always my favorite right? You were the one that knew what it was like to stick out.  You were my John. I did it, you know.  I finally made it to LA, to your city.  It wasn’t right though, because you weren’t here.  I wanted more than anything […]
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