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Manifesto: Feminism, for me, in a Global Community

The setup #1: When I was recovering from surgery, my daughter got out all of her money and started counting it. She got out her dollar coins and asked me about the people pictured on them. Sacagawea, Susan B. Anthony and President Grant. It started a discussion about discrimination, including a history lesson starting with […]
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Last year was a bust for the garden.  We had a varmint take up residence in our neighbors yard and it ate all 8 of my brussels sprouts.  I was also either largely pregnant or a sleep deprived mess. This year however, after a late start, I think I’ve found some of my mojo.  I’ve […]
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Will you?

Last night I was talking with my brother while my crazy girls squirmed and giggled.  He had come over after a long day of physical labor to help me out.  I took him out to dinner, he watched the girls while I battled the lawn. We were talking about how lucky I am to have […]
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Well, that was a bust.

OK, so last week, starting on Friday, everything went to hell.  I am sure I could make excuses, but they would be just that, excuses. So, I resolved last night to weigh in this morning, and then start fresh.  If only my scale could agree on what I weigh.  Stupid uneven bathroom floor.  I’m down […]
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