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“Adventurous Eater”

Our dog has been called by her Vet an adventurous eater.  Her most interesting eat was a nearly two inch long piece of mulch, which she passed in its entirety.  She only weighs 12 pounds. The most interesting and not remotely painful thing she eats is grapefruit, which she loves. The baby seems to be […]
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These two, they are my survivors.  They are surviving being big sisters together. I am sure if the furry one could talk she have nothing but sympathy for my big girl.  She would also ask her to quit fetching the ball for her.  Tess has had it far easier this time than last time.  This […]
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I just want to thank everyone who has offered support and well wishes for… the dog.  It means a lot during what has been an incredibly draining week. She is home, and based on her last test, on the mend.  We check again on Monday. In the mean time, she is on restrictions.  Which is […]
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I didn’t ever plan on being a dog person.  Hell, I’m a Leo, you know, the sign of the lion.  I am a cat person, always have been.  I didn’t plan on falling in love with a man completely and totally allergic to cats.  I didn’t plan on falling in love with a three pound, […]
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