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Create or Not Create, There is no Try

A lovely friend asked me recently why I didn’t blog more about sewing.  I have no good answer as to why I don’t blog.  I guess I just don’t see the words coming as easy as they once did.  I am able to get my expressiveness out on Instagram (private because of kid pictures), and […]
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Layers Like an Onion

There is this point in evaluating and getting help for you kid when you second guess yourself so much about what is normal, and what needs assistance, and what is just a really smart five year old, that you feel like you’ve completely lost track of what is “normal”.  I’ve seen other bloggers go through […]
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Families are just a collection of relationships.  They require work sometimes to stay healthy. ——————————————————————- I worry about M, about her ability to make friends, to connect with kids her own age.  She spends a lot of time outside of the house away from us because of my working full time, so we tend to […]
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I just filled out the school choice form (online of course) for M.  I think maybe I’ll stop having panic attacks now. This is so very far away from the K-12 school I went to until fourth grade.  Not to mention, I was home schooled for Kindergarten so I have absolutely no idea how it […]
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