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The nightly news should come with a trigger warning some days…

I know I haven’t blogged in ever, but I also know thanks to technology that people still check in here. Honestly, for this, I don’t care. Just know that there are trigger warnings and all kinds of swearing about to happen. If you are family, stop right now. I’ve had it with the excuses. I […]
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The two ton, rainbow, unicorn, sparkly elephant in the room.

I keep going back and forth about publishing anything about this.  Torn between my desire for community, for understanding, and wanting to maintain family privacy.  Who knows if I will actually hit that button when I finish, maybe just writing it out will be enough. I want to start the reverse of our appointment with […]
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My baby, the last baby I’ll have myself, is one tomorrow.  I don’t know what happened, but it seems I nearly forgot it.  Except not really.  I just didn’t want to believe that it kept inching closer and closer and closer.  But, it is nearly here.  About seven hours from now, a year ago, I […]
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This Time I Mean It

My list of excuses has run out, and so, I’m committing, again, to get back to losing weight.  Last time I tried, it was the beginning of the end of nursing H.  I’m relatively sure now that it was one of the two major contributing factors to my supply dropping off, and her ultimately losing […]
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